Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Recently i read this article http://www.20thingsilearned.com. At the first glance the design of the web page attracted me its built in Html 5 and it is just like reading a book, the pages can be flipped, folded. I absolutely knew nothing about how internet works and this article gives a gist about it and speaks about the importance of using the updated web browsers to enter in to the new web world filled with amazing web applications which can connect to your loved ones and colloborate with your colleagues irrespective of the location. It also discusses the risk of using outdated web browsers which are victims to malware, phishing and how a simple concentration and attention from our side can avoid disaster, below are the check list.

1. Use https site for online transactions.

2. Check the extended validation certificate of the web site to check the credibility of the site.

3. Check the URL if it is valid and it doesn't have any weird domain names.

They also talk about the future of web and how cloud computing helps us to protect the data even if the truck rolls in our laptop and the innovations going in the web technologies like compressing the images by 39% by using a new image format WebP and fast javascript engines to process the complex java scripts faster and DNS pre-resolution where the links in the web page are already coverted in to the IP address,so the moment you click the link the page loads. They also explain the difference between security and privacy. The privacy settings can be personalized using the modern web browsers. There are lot more explained in this book,it is a good to read webpage.

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