Wednesday, 29 December 2010

How to set svn:externals

svn:externals is the beautiful option subversion provides to just point another repository content to your repository and it checkouts when your repository is checked out or updated. Due to this you don't  have the same contents in multiple repository occupying the disk space and easy maintenance like don't have to apply your changes to all the repository. Change in one repository and get the changes in all the other repository using svn:externals . Get more details from and below is my svn externals settings,

cat externals.txt

madhu http://localhost/svn/madhu/test


svn propset -F  externals.txt .

property 'svn:externals' set on '.'

svn di

Property changes on: .
Added: svn:externals
+ madhu http://localhost/svn/madhu/test

svn ci -m "set externals"

Sending        .

Committed revision 8.

svn up

Fetching external item into 'madhu'
A    madhu\New Bitmap Image.bmp
Updated external to revision 9.

Updated to revision 8.

C:\repo>svn info

URL: http://localhost/svn/repo

C:\repo\madhu>svn info

URL: http://localhost/svn/madhu/test

svn propget svn:externals

madhu http://localhost/svn/madhu/test

svn propdel svn:externals

property 'svn:externals' deleted from '.'

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