Thursday, 23 September 2010

Hudson-QTP Integration

Let's see what i learned today.  I tried setting up Hudson in my machine and integrated QTP with it to  run the tests and generate the report in the Hudson . Then i used the below vbscript to trigger the QTP via Hudson . I didn't write the below script  got the bits  thru Google and modified it to fit  my need.  Yeah the script went fine and it generated the result in HTML format. So i used the HTML publisher plug-in  in Hudson to view the reports in Hudson.

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Dim qtTest 'As QuickTest.Test ' Declare a Test object variable

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtApp.Launch ' Start QuickTest
qtApp.Visible = False ' Make the QuickTest application visible
qtApp.Options.Run.ImageCaptureForTestResults = "OnError"
qtApp.Options.Run.RunMode = "Fast"
qtApp.Options.Run.ViewResults = True
qtApp.Open "C:\hudson\workspace\QTP-Hudson\Test1", True ' Open the test in read-only mode

' set run settings for the test

Set qtTest = qtApp.Test
qtTest.Settings.Run.OnError = "NextStep" ' Instruct QuickTest to display dialog box
qtTest.Settings.Run.ObjectSyncTimeOut = 30000 'Instruct QuickTest to wait for 30 seconds for response
Set qtResultsOpt = CreateObject("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions") ' Create the Run Results Options object
'qtResultsOpt.ResultsLocation = "C:\hudson\workspace\QTP-Hudson\General_results" ' Set the results location

qtTest.Run qtResultsOpt ' Run the test

' Save the Run-time Data
qtApp.Test.LastRunResults.DataTable.Export "C:\hudson\workspace\QTP-Hudson\Runtime.xls" ' Save the run-time Data Table to a file
WScript.StdOut.Write "Status is:" & qtTest.LastRunResults.Status & vbCr & vbLf ' Check the results of the test run
WScript.StdOut.Write "Error is:" & qtTest.LastRunResults.LastError & vbCr & vbLf ' Check the most recent error
WScript.StdOut.Write "Result path is:" & qtTest.LastRunResults.path & vbCr & vbLf

sRespath = qtTest.LastRunResults.path
sResultsXML = "" & sRespath & "\Report\Results.xml"
sDetailedXSL = "D:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\dat\PDetails.xsl"
sShortXSL = "D:\Program Files\HP\QuickTest Professional\dat\PShort.xsl"

ApplyXSL sResultsXML, sDetailedXSL, "C:\hudson\workspace\QTP-Hudson\Results_Detailed.html"
ApplyXSL sResultsXML, sShortXSL, "C:\hudson\workspace\QTP-Hudson\Results_Short.html"

Public Function ApplyXSL(ByVal inputXML, ByVal inputXSL, ByVal outputFile)
sXMLLib = "MSXML.DOMDocument"
Set xmlDoc = CreateObject(sXMLLib)
Set xslDoc = CreateObject(sXMLLib)

xmlDoc.async = False
xslDoc.async = False

xslDoc.load inputXSL
xmlDoc.load inputXML

outputText = xmlDoc.transformNode(xslDoc.documentElement)

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set outFile = FSO.CreateTextFile(outputFile,True)
outFile.Write outputText

Set outFile = Nothing
Set FSO = Nothing
Set xmlDoc = Nothing
Set xslDoc = Nothing
Set xmlResults = Nothing
End Function

qtTest.Close ' Close the test
qtApp.Quit ' Exit QuickTest
Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing ' Release the Run Results Options object
Set qtTest = Nothing ' Release the Test object
Set qtApp = Nothing ' Release the Application object

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